1992 Nigel Mansell Williams FW14 Official Show Car

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We are uniquely positioned to bring retired F1® cars and show cars to market.
The iconic FW14, used by Williams F1 to race during 1991 and 1992, was designed by one of the most successful F1 engineers, Adrian Newey.
The FW14 achieved 9 Wins during its time racing and produced one of the most memorable moments in F1 history at the 1991 Spanish Grand Prix, when Mansell passed Senna with inches to spare, both cars throwing sparks into the air.


POA (Price on Application)

This exemplary show car has been constructed using numerous race-used original parts, including wiring, pedals, brakes, wheels, amongst other vital elements, demonstrating one of the most dominant cars in F1 history.

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Throughout the years F1 Authentics and myself have consolidated a long-term relationship with Art, Memorabilia but most importantly F1 exhibition cars.Doing intercontinental transactions, requires a lot of communication, F1 Authentics are professionals who stay in control and provide me with a solution.


I first met F1 Authentics a few years ago, when I pursued a long-standing dream to purchase an authentic F1 car and hang it on a wall.  To describe the entire experience with the transaction as “amazing” is an understatement. The team graciously assisted with all shipping logistics from the UK, and I was blown away when the car arrived. It surpassed all expectations.


The F1 Authentic’s team has been both easy and great to work with. They not only helped me track down the perfect chassis, but they also helped with door-to-door shipping and logistics. I would recommend F1 Authentic’s to anyone looking to expand their collection into the racing grid.


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We are uniquely positioned to bring retired F1®cars and show cars to market.

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