F1® Wind Tunnel Tyres

Display these brilliant wind tunnel Pirelli Tyres, usually used for the 'Pole Position' award, amongst your F1 collection, for the ultimate centrepiece.

Select Your Compound

A crucial part of an F1 team's job is to ensure cars race with the right tyres for the conditions. This is integral not only for performance, but for driver safety. Finding the right balance of speed and grip at each stage of the race relies on a vast wealth of experience and data, the collection of which was made possible by wind tunnel tyres just like these.

Wind tunnel testing is a hallowed ground where theoretical concepts meet the practicalities of reality. By subjecting special 1:2 scale wind tunnel tyres to rigorous analysis - in terms of airflow, pressure, performance, and more - lets teams strengthen their understanding of what works, and refine the design and performance of their cars accordingly.

Our collection of collectible F1 wind tunnel tyres includes a range of compounds, all of which are used by Pirelli to ensure F1 tyres perform at their optimum without fail. Here you'll find red for soft compound, yellow for medium, and white for hard. There's also blue for wet and green for intermediate: the same range that F1 teams will utilise on race day. Take home a unique and intriguing piece of F1 history today with our range of collectible wind tunnel tyres.