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The drag reduction system - or DRS, for short - is a controversial mechanism that an F1 driver has at his fingertips. When deployed, the DRS opens up the rear wing, boosting speed and - as the name suggests - reducing drag. The controversy surrounding DRS isn't for us to get into here: rest assured that there are rules in place to ensure drivers only use the system when it is considered fair and safe to do so.

What it is up to us to get into here, is how collectible F1 DRS flaps are. These flaps are integral to the aesthetic appeal of an F1 car, and are prime placement for sponsor logos or team names. This, combined with their manageable size, makes them fantastic collectibles: ideal for display in your home or workplace, and with a tangible connection to the drivers and teams with whom they're associated.

Our range of F1 DRS flaps features items taken from F1 cars after races, meaning they have seen the thrill and action of race day. This only augments their collectible appeal: imagine having an item in your collection which has performed under the eye-watering pressure of F1, in front of hundreds of thousands of race viewers worldwide.